Vanity Mirrors in Central Coast

Custom Fitted Glass & Mirrors

Instyle Shower Screens & Wardrobes specialises in designing and installing custom glass and mirror fittings around the home.

We provide glass options of varied thickness, colours and styles. Our team takes pride in sourcing high-quality glass for every design and installation.

Interior of Bathroom1 — Instyle Shower Screens & Wardrobes in Charmhaven, NSW
Interior of Bathroom1 — Instyle Shower Screens & Wardrobes in Charmhaven, NSW

Vanities & Mirrors

We can install mirrors of any size, shape or type in your home. From large vanity mirrors to custom-framed mirrors and everything in between, we can create ideal designs for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and anywhere else in the home.

Mirrors are excellent décor to widen a room or emphasise a particular feature of an open space.

Modern and loft-style bathroom — Instyle Shower Screens & Wardrobes in Charmhaven, NSW

Closet Door Panels

In your room, closet mirror vanities are an affordable solution for many homeowners. A large sliding closet door with a prominent vanity elevates any master bedroom or guest room. We can redo your closet to include a set of smooth sliding doors, with or without vanity mirrors.

Glass Installations

Our team has decades of experience working with decorative and functional glass installations in all types of homes and apartments. We draw up a detailed plan ahead of the installation to ensure all the pieces fit seamlessly. Nothing will be out of place, and you’ll be left with shining new glass features to display proudly within your home.

Glass features are helpful during renovations and new constructions. While you’re renovating, glass and mirror installations are a simple way to create a new centrepiece that dramatically changes any room. Mirrors have the benefit of being both practical and beautiful, serving as great value for money for any homeowner.

For new homes and apartments, glass and mirrors placed strategically around the home give it a more modern look without a huge price tag.

Transparent Shower room — Instyle Shower Screens & Wardrobes in Charmhaven, NSW
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